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Went out on the Rascal with Kamal and Chris. Just me, my son and his mom. Could have had 3 more on the boat and still been comfortable. Boat was very nice, comfortable couch (son slept for an hour). Air conditioning inside so you can escape the heat. The shade over the back deck makes all the difference! And one of the big reasons I picked this boat! It was hot! That shade made it comfortable even on the back. If it wasn’t there….. would have been miserably hot. Kamal and Chris worked their butts off to get us fish. There was nothing out there the first few hours. Found two Mahi, hooked both but I could only pull in one (my fault). I should have listened to Kamal’s instructions…. And you need to listen to them! It will be the difference between coming home with a trophy or empty handed! I will be back on my next trip in the summer! And probably every trip I take to Maui from now on!